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Welcome to Oracle Legal Group, your top choice for an experienced business lawyer in Houston, Texas. Specializing in business law, our experienced team offers comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of your businesses.

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Whether you’re a business owner or managing corporate legal matters, our Houston business lawyers are dedicated to providing skilled guidance in legal processes and business transactions.

Committed to excellence, we ensure every Texas business receives personalized and effective legal solutions.

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Business Owners

Our team of lawyers excels in meeting the unique challenges and legal needs specific to entrepreneurs.

Guiding you from the initial stages of Entity Formation and LLC formation through the complexities of managing business operations, including safeguarding personal assets, negotiating a lease agreement, protecting trade secrets, our support is crucial to the growth of your venture.

Established Companies

Catering to diverse Texas businesses, our law firm delivers strategic counsel on business succession planning, regulatory foresight, and complex corporate legal issues.

Business Lawyers Houston, TX


Comprising highly skilled business attorneys and knowledgeable business lawyers, our team at Oracle Legal Group is diverse in its legal capabilities, spanning areas such as Personal Injury, small businesses, any legal issue affecting other businesses, and providing general counsel.

As a prominent Texas business law firm, our reputation in Houston stands strong, particularly for handling intricate business legalities.

Our attorneys in Houston bring a wealth of experience and deep knowledge to each case, providing all-encompassing legal support for your enterprise.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Our seasoned attorneys seamlessly manage mergers and acquisitions, protecting your interests in these complex corporate changes.

  • Private Placement Memorandums: We are adept at preparing and scrutinizing private placement memorandums, ensuring your investments are secure and compliant.

  • Startup Business Documentation: From establishing LLCs to crafting NDAs, trademarks, and licensing agreements, our guidance is crucial for new businesses. We ensure your foundational documents are comprehensive, laying a solid legal groundwork from day one.

  • Master Services Agreements: We specialize in formulating and reviewing Master Services Agreements, providing strong legal structures for your business interactions.

  • Corporate Law and Business Structure: Advising on the most suitable business structure, our focus is on aligning your business type with long-term objectives.

  • Intellectual Property Protection: We devise custom strategies to protect your intellectual property, a key factor in maintaining your market edge.

  • Employment Law Advisory: Our attorneys are proficient in all aspects of employment law, ensuring your compliance and effective handling of workplace legalities.

  • Commercial Property Transactions: Specializing in commercial real estate, we ensure your property deals are legally robust and strategically sound.

  • Contract Drafting & Analysis: We offer expert contract drafting and detailed analysis, ensuring your agreements are legally sound and tailored to your business’s specific requirements.

  • Complex Litigation: Specializing in mediating the transactional aspects of litigations, our law firm expertly handles the exchange of assets, ensuring a smooth legal process.

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In today’s ever-changing digital world, Oracle Legal Group is recognized as a forward-thinking, technology-oriented business law firm.

Our skilled attorneys adeptly maneuver through the complexities of the tech industry, online business, and start-ups, delivering legal services that match the pace of technological advancements.

Protection of Intellectual Property in Technology: Our expertise lies in defending digital intellectual property, ensuring your technological innovations like software, applications, and online content are protected from infringement.

Navigating Internet Law and Compliance: Proficient in internet law, our team addresses critical issues such as online privacy, data security, and e-commerce regulations.

Technology Business Transactions: We specialize in managing transactions unique to technology companies, including drafting licensing agreements and facilitating investments in tech startups.

Our proactive approach guarantees that your technology-oriented business remains at the forefront of addressing legal challenges.

Whether it’s negotiating intricate tech agreements or providing counsel on digital business operations, Oracle Legal Group is your strategic ally in the tech business sphere.

A law firm in Houston specializing in business law, with attorneys discussing strategies to protect a law client's interests in products liability cases and business disputes for small businesses.


Oracle Legal Group is keenly aware of the distinct challenges small and large business owners encounter across Texas. We specialize in providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses in the region, including expertise in Business Law and oil and gas law. We’re committed to delivering wide-ranging and easily accessible legal support to help businesses flourish.

Providing General Legal Counsel: Serving as external general legal counsel, we offer continuous legal assistance specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Contract Services: We adeptly manage a range of legal documents, from drafting to review, ensuring they are in line with your business goals and legal standards.

Guidance on Compliance and Business Advisory: 
Our guidance for businesses extends through regulatory compliance and advisory on various legal aspects, including the formation of business entities and addressing operational issues.

Dedicated to the growth and legal fortification of your business, Oracle Legal Group offers customized legal solutions and seasoned advice, ensuring your enterprise’s legal foundation is strong and conducive to expansion and fostering a robust business relationship.

Houston Technology and Online Business Lawyers


Oracle Legal Group is dedicated to delivering personalized legal solutions as unique as your business. We understand that each client in The Woodlands, Houston, Chicago, and beyond has distinct legal needs and objectives.

  • Tailored Advice and Strategies: Whether it’s negotiating contracts, handling legal disputes, or advising on business transactions, our approach is always customized to your specific situation.

  • Focused on Your Business Goals: Our legal services are designed to align closely with your business goals, ensuring legal solutions that not only protect but also enhance your business operations.

  • Responsive and Client-Centric: We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs and adapting our legal strategies as your business evolves and new challenges arise.

With Oracle Legal Group, you receive more than just legal assistance; you gain a partnership that values your business vision and works tirelessly to achieve it through strategic, tailored legal means.

Personalized Legal Services - Houston Business Lawyer


In the dynamic landscape of Texas, engaging a Business Law Attorney is crucial for navigating complex business law. Our law firm specializes in a variety of business transactions offering seasoned legal counsel tailored to the unique challenges faced by businesses in the region.

From startups to established companies, our attorneys are well-versed in business law services, ensuring comprehensive legal help that protect and advance your interests. We provide legal counsel that encompasses various aspects of business law, including employment agreements, legal representation, contract disputes, confidentiality agreements, and shareholder disputes, to ensure your business’s legal needs are met with expertise and precision.

By choosing experienced business law attorneys from our team, you position your business for successful navigation through legal intricacies and robust business relationships.

At Oracle Legal Group, we understand the importance of having skilled Houston Business Law Attorneys in your corner. Whether it’s offering advice on business transactions or guiding you through the complexities of real estate law, our Houston business law attorneys are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel.

We pride ourselves on being more than just business lawyers; we’re partners in your success, dedicated to fostering successful business outcomes. With our team of experienced attorneys and expertise in both local Houston laws and federal laws, we ensure that your business is not only legally compliant but also primed for success in Houston’s competitive market.



A Houston small business lawyer and attorney presenting a workshop on business law to local entrepreneurs, focusing on contracts, business disputes, and how to navigate legal challenges in the Houston area.


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