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Our Internal Legal Audit is a look at your business to determine what your business is doing well and what the legal issues and potential risks are that may be affecting the business now or in the future. The goal of the audit is to provide you with information to help your business make decisions about the future.


Much like other types of internal audits, we look at the high level items, such as the corporate structure and employment handbook, as well as the ground level items, such as the employment or client agreements. After we review the business, we will let you know what we think needs to be updated or added. How extensive of an audit we complete is up to you. Below are a few areas that our different legal audits cover.
Making agreement


We will look into the various contracts the business uses on a regular basis. Depending on the type of business, the contracts we will look for and review will be different. For example, for businesses with an online presence, we will look at the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. For businesses that provide services to their customers, we will look at the Service Agreement and Statement of Work.

Intellectual Property

We will look at any trademarks you have and any Licensing Agreements the business has entered. Fun fact: did you know that even after your Trademark has been registered you still have to keep up with the required filings or risk losing the trademark!


If you have employees, we will look at things like your standard Employment Contract, policies and procedures regarding discipline and termination, Employment Handbooks, ADA accommodations and other relevant employment topics. We can also look at the hiring and termination procedures to make the administrative side a little easier.
These are just some examples of the items we look at when we are completing our Internal Legal Audit. We tailor our review to the type of business you have.


The Internal Legal Audit is for any business, but works best for those businesses that have made it past the start-up phase and are looking to solidify their established business or prepare for growth.


We don’t want to leave you with just an awareness of the problems we find, so after we complete the audit, in addition to the findings we provide a concrete plan for resolving the issues or mitigating the risks we have identified. If the business is looking to bring in outside funding and doesn’t have the structure to expand, we will outline the steps to take to make sure you get there. If the Service Agreement doesn’t provide enough liability protection, we can outline which sections need to be revised and if you choose, we can revise the document for you.



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  • Review of Business Formation
  • Business Structuring
  • Employment Documentation
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  • Review of Business Formation
  • Business Structuring
  • Employment Documentation
  • Intellectual Property Coverage

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The Oracle Legal Group provides a comprehensive range of legal services, and is dedicated to helping its clients thrive. From small startups to established businesses, we help to provide advice and counseling that allow our clients to succeed. With offices in both Houston and Chicago, our firm has helped numerous clients handle their business and legal needs, including hospitals, urgent care centers, technology startups, private medical practices, and other emerging businesses.

Because we are a personalized firm, we will work closely with you to determine which approach is best for resolving your complex issues. The Oracle Legal Group handles corporate work for its clients ranging from helping to structure companies to advising clients on contracts, employment agreements, acquisitions, and mergers. We also provide outside in-house counsel to a growing healthcare company and offer assistance and guidance on a wide variety of legal matters.

The Oracle Legal Group offers its clients the experience of a large firm, while providing the dedication, personal service, and attention you desire from your attorneys. We understand the intricacies of corporate law and will work diligently to address your business’s needs. What sets us apart from other firms is our broad range of experience, our creativity, our integrity, and our determined efforts to achieve our clients’ objectives

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