Healthcare Litigation and HIPAA: What Providers Need to Know

There are lots of issues that require healthcare litigation. However, HIPAA is always a main concern. While all providers know the basics of HIPAA, the law is long and complex. This means that HIPAA issues can take a lot of time- and resources- to resolve. Below, we’ll share the most common HIPAA issues that medical providers face and how healthcare litigation can help.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This 1996 federal law created a set group of standards to protect a patient’s privacy. HIPAA laws, generally speaking, mean that a patient’s medical information cannot be shared without their consent. Of course, HIPPAA has the greatest benefits for the patients involved. However, the law also benefits providers by streamlining patient data and making processes more efficient.

Common HIPAA Issues For Providers

HIPAA complaints are a common issue that providers face. In fact, these issues are one of the top reasons for people to seek healthcare litigation. Sometimes, the issues can arise from poor record-keeping or improperly disposing of patient records. A lack of data security can also cause problems. Unencrypted data, unsecured records, and theft/hacking can all expose sensitive patient information.

Of course, many HIPAA issues can also come from a less complicated place. Sometimes, employees simply aren’t properly trained on HIPAA regulations, so what they think is harmless gossip is actually exposing private patient information. While the HIPAA law actually requires employee training, some training is simply more effective than others. Make sure your employees understand the law in a practical context to avoid problems down the line.

Healthcare Litigation: Do I Need an Attorney?

When you think of healthcare litigation, you might think of what’s needed after a HIPAA violation. Of course, it’s important to hire an attorney if you are facing this issue. However, a healthcare attorney can also help you avoid HIPAA violations in the future. HIPAA regulations are complex and constantly changing. A lawyer can help you understand how specific rules affect your practice. They can also help you and your team come up with proactive solutions to stay protected in the future.

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