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Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, intellectual property can be vital for your success. When properly managed and utilized, trademarks,  and other intellectual property can be some of the most valuable assets in a company.

However, in the wrong hands, intellectual property can be a major threat to the profitability, competitiveness, and future of your business. This is where an intellectual property lawyer comes in.

At Oracle Legal Group, we understand how complicated the process of protecting your intellectual property can be. This is why we have a dedicated practice that serves people who need help safeguarding their unique creations.

For several decades now, our firm has been providing several legal services from patent protection to IP litigation across Chicago and Illinois.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience handling intellectual property matters, and we can work with you to find a solution that protects your property and the interests of your business.

No other intellectual property law firm in Chicago can provide you with the same level of care and dedication as our team can. Contact us today at (872) 246-9690 to learn more about how we can help.

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What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) encompasses creative works and/or innovations created by individuals or businesses. Intellectual property is considered an important area of law as it helps promote creativity, innovation, and economic growth because it motivates individuals and businesses to invest resources, time, and effort to come up with new products and ideas.

Intellectual property law outlines the rules and regulations governing the ownership, creation, protection, and commercial use of various forms of intangible assets, including designs, inventions, creative works, and brand identifiers.

IP law essentially provides individuals and businesses with exclusive rights to their creations, enabling them to profit from their work and protecting them from unauthorized use by other people. Illinois has a robust legal framework for IP protection, which is enforced by both state and federal courts.

What is an intellectual property lawyer?

Intellectual property lawyers handle matters to do with patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights. As such, they know how to establish ownership of intellectual property, create strategies for protecting it, and even enforce IP rights before the Patent & Trademark Office.

At Oracle Legal Group, we have a team of lawyers with extensive experience in handling IP cases for individuals and businesses. Working with us means that you are receiving protection for your intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, and patent interests.

You can count on us to know how to best handle your IP case and protect your best interests.

Intellectual Property

What does an intellectual property lawyer do?

There are three main aspects of intellectual property law that lawyers are engaged with: counseling, protection, and enforcement.

Counseling is based on advising the client on how best to protect their IP. In trademark law, the lawyer will conduct searches on trademarks and advise the client on the availability. In patent counseling, the attorney should ideally have a technical background to understand the patent and evaluate its likelihood of patent infringement.

Protection of IP entails registering a patent, trademark, or copyright to obtain the legal rights available for the asset. If it’s a patent or trademark, the process typically involves filing an application with the US Patent & Trademark Office (PTO), as well as following through any actions as guided by the PTO until the registration is complete.

Enforcement of IP usually involves protecting the owner of an IP against various infringement issues. This could lead to litigation in state and federal courts. Other aspects of the IP legal practice include conducting due diligence during mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and strategizing international IP protection.

We pride ourselves as experts in IP law, and we combine our legal experience to provide personalized and thorough solutions for the best chance of success.

Types of Intellectual Property Matters We Handle

In most cases, an intellectual property lawyer will help an individual or business protect its IP rights about trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.  An attorney can help you seek damages incurred due to the violation or infringement of your IP rights.

Similarly, a lawyer can defend you in case you’re wrongly accused of violating another party’s IP rights. Most of the legal issues we handle in IP law fall under the following categories:

Copyright Law

An IP lawyer can help protect the work of an author or artist that is considered artistic or creative, including but not limited to books, paintings, photographs, and musical compositions. Copyrights for creative works are distributed by the US Copyright Office.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is any information that is not generally known and is subject to efforts to keep it secret, as the information has significant economic value. Such information may include business plans, client lists, ingredients, and others. A lawyer can help you protect confidential information that could be licensed and used for economic gain.

Trademark Law

A trademark can be one or a combination of the following – name, design, or symbol used to distinguish or identify the goods of one manufacturer or seller from another. Trademarks can be logos, sounds, or colors that distinguish the goods or services of one brand from the competition.


Licensing law can help protect you as the owner of an IP from the unauthorized use of your copyrighted work. A lawyer can also help if you want to share your work or idea with other individuals or businesses. The lawyer can draft licensing agreements and contracts to protect your work.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Unfair Competition

This mostly deals with individuals or businesses that engage in unfair or deceptive practices that lead to harmful economic consequences for other businesses or individual consumers. An IP attorney can help you if you’ve been accused of engaging in unfair competition.

How Can An Intellectual Property Lawyer Help You?

Whether you have created unique material or have an idea that needs legal protection, or have some intellectual property that has been infringed upon, an IP attorney can help you get justice. The following are some of the ways an IP lawyer can help:

Trademark Registration and Protection

An IP lawyer can also help with registering your trademark. This is often important for companies that have a unique logo, brand name, slogan, or symbol. If you already acquired trademark rights and someone else has used your trademark without your authorization, an IP lawyer can help you enforce those rights.

Your lawyer will essentially send a demand letter to the party, and if necessary, file a lawsuit.

Copyright Infringement

With the proliferation of the internet, artistic, literary, and musical works can be accessed by malicious people, which makes copyright infringement quite common. In case your work has been infringed upon, or you have any questions about whether your work has been infringed upon, an IP lawyer can guide you through the necessary legal steps.


When sharing your work or ideas with the world, you may want to protect your IP to prevent reproduction or copying. In such a situation, an IP attorney can draft bulletproof license agreements and contracts to protect your work. Similarly, if you want to obtain a license for some intellectual property, your IP lawyer can help you do so.

Our Chicago intellectual property lawyers are well-versed in all matters of IP. We can help you navigate the entire journey, from registering to enforcing, to commercializing your work.

We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality and communicative service, and you can be sure that we have the experience and expertise to pursue your best interests.

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