How Can a Business Law Attorney Help Your Medical Practice?

Texas is home to numerous small and independent medical practices. These clinics, offices, and other facilities are subject to the same laws and regulations that govern larger establishments. Despite their need for compliance, however, they don’t always have the same resources as the larger practices do.

This is where a knowledgeable Houston business law firm can provide significant benefits for your practice. The Oracle Legal Group helps medical practices meet the unique legal challenges posed by their industry.

Regulatory Issues

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. Federal and state laws and regulations control everything from privacy rights to medical care itself. Hospital systems and other large establishments have entire compliance teams whose jobs are to ensure these rules are followed. Although small and independent medical practices don’t have the same resources, the rules apply equally to them.

Some specific regulations include those concerning:

  • Patient privacy (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA).
  • Billing (Medicare and Medicaid).
  • Healthcare quality standards (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS).

We provide the following and other legal services:

Advising Practices on New Laws and Regulations

The rules that govern healthcare are never static. New federal and state changes are constantly being handed down. Our team keeps healthcare providers up to date on these regulations so they know what to expect.

Creating Compliance Programs

Our lawyers assist small practices by developing and implementing compliance programs. These help to not only follow regulations but to reduce the risk of litigation. For instance, we draft internal business policies and procedures for healthcare facilities.

Litigation and Investigation Defense

If a public agency decides to investigate your practice, or someone files suit against it, we’re here to help. We answer investigations and audits and litigate on behalf of clients in court. We can also defend the practice before regulatory boards.

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Contract, Employment, and General Business Law Matters

Medical practices are ultimately businesses that need the counsel of a seasoned business law firm. To that end, we assist with relatively routine matters that affect all companies such as:

  • Drafting and executing contracts with individuals and entities inside and outside the practice
  • Negotiating and modifying contracts as needed, for instance in response to changing laws
  • Reviewing new or proposed contacts to ensure the practice’s interests are being protected
  • Dispute resolution, including the use of alternative means such as mediation and arbitration
  • Handling internal employment matters like discrimination and harassment allegations
  • Enacting policies and procedures to help practices avoid employment lawsuits
  • Mergers and acquisitions, which are made more complex by healthcare regulations
  • Assisting with expansions, purchases, and sales of medical practices

Anything that involves contracts, employees, or the business side of your practice will necessarily invoke legal issues. But a skilled Texas business lawyer will be ready to address them for you.

Electronic and Digital Health

Telehealth is a booming industry that is showing no signs of slowing down. Small medical practices can’t afford to miss out on this unique technological innovation. But the legal landscape poses a challenge, especially because much of it is still developing. As regulations and laws are created and modified we can help your practice keep up while providing top-tier medical service.

We also assist with the various issues inherent to data management and security. All businesses are expected to enact measures to protect the information of their customers. Medical practices must also safeguard data while making it accessible for the benefit of their patients. The Oracle Legal Group is here to navigate these matters for you.

Let Us Go to Work For Your Small or Independent Medical Practice

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