6 Situations That Call For a Small Business Lawyer

Do you need a small business lawyer? While an attorney can be helpful for any business, there are certain situations where legal help is just necessary. If you are dealing with any of the issues below, then it’s time to call a small business lawyer.

1- You Are Forming a New Company

Creating a new company can be exciting. A lawyer can help you make sure you’re doing it right. Whether you are forming an LLC, a partnership, or a corporation, an attorney will ensure that your documents are correct and your business is ready to go.

2- You Need a Patent

Filing a trademark for your company’s name and/or logo is a pretty straightforward process. However, filing for a patent can be more complicated. If you need a patent for a product, then it’s important to consult an attorney. They will help you file your paperwork correctly so you can avoid legal trouble down the line.

3- You Are Creating a Contract

A small business lawyer can help you create new contracts or review existing ones. This is invaluable for your business, as a poorly written contract can have huge consequences. Your attorney can make sure your contracts fit your business’s goals- and that you are protected.

4- You are Hiring (or Firing) Employees

It’s important to ask a small business lawyer for advice when hiring or firing employees, especially if your small business does not have an HR director. Your attorney will understand state and federal laws and can create policies to protect both you and your employees.

5- You Have a Tax Question

While it’s important to work with a CPA for your tax needs, an attorney can also answer questions about tax law. Be sure to contact an attorney if you have any concerns about your taxes.

6- You Are Facing a Lawsuit

Of course, this is the most obvious reason to call a small business lawyer. Whatever the issue is, your attorney can protect your rights and help you fight for your business.

Don’t Wait to Get Legal Help

If you need a small business lawyer, then it’s time to take action. Waiting to hire an attorney will only complicate matters. At Oracle Legal Group, our friendly and helpful attorneys help business owners protect their companies. Explore our website to learn more about what we do, then call us for more information.